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soldiers, which the military blamed on pakistan. he added that this should not derail stronger cross border ties. >> this is completely unacceptable. but at the same time, it's very important we make sure that whatever has happened may not -- should not be escalated. >> the indian military says a deadly gunfight with pakistani forces took place on tuesday. two indian soldiers were killed, one injured. it says the remains of the dead soldiers were mutilated. pakistan denies the negotiation. they have resumed comprehensive talks, which include the delicate subject of kashmir to try to improve bilateral relationship. another gunfight killed one pakistani soldier and injured another. observers say such incidents threaten to harm relations between the two nuclear neighbors. >>> politics in pakistan is heading for a potentially game-changing moment. former sporting hero turned politics enran kahn is wins legions of fans with his fierce stance against u.s. military policy and with parliamentary elections due by may, there is everything to play for. nhk world reports. >> reporter: imuran khan is ri
. >> pakistan in turmoil as the supreme court orders the prime minister's rest -- are rest. >> france's mali mission. >> and has disgraced cyclist lance armstrong finally owned up to cheating? we begin in pakistan where the supreme court has ordered the arrest of the prime minister and 16 others over corruption charges. >> this came after a mass protest in the capital added to pressure by the government. >> and aid to the government has accused the military of orchestrating the protests, and the order to arrest the prime minister. this political turmoil comes just months ahead of national elections. >> instead of millions, security officials say it is more like 25,000 protesters gathered in the parliaments in islamabad. there have been isolated clashes, and there was violence as demonstrators reached the heavily fortified area around the parliament building. gunshots were heard, but it was unclear if they were from protesters or police. he is so far unknown in pakistani politics and is demanding the government step down immediately and that a caretaker government be set up to ensure that ele
arrangements as most international forces prepare to withdraw from afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> pakistan says one of its soldiers has been killed in a skirmish with indian troops in cash mick, the fourth exchange of fire in the disputeded region already this year. simmering tensions threaten to derail efforts to improve cross-border ties. the pakistani military says indian troops started the firefight on tuesday night. the indian side admits there was an exchange of fire but claims pakistani troops shot first. the nuclear-armed neighbors resumed talks in 2011 to try to improve their relationship. the delicate subject of kashmir was a topic of discussion. india and pakistani troops scuffled three times just last week in kashmir with both sides reporting fatalities. indian prime minister manmohan singh on tuesday criticized pakistan. he said the relationship could no longer be considered business as usual. >>> pakistan also faces mounting trouble at home at home. a massive anti-government demonstration in the capital entered its third day on thursday. the protest expressed -- faced another
. nhk world. >>> four days of anti-government protests in pakistan have come to an end. patchari raksawong joins us from bangkok with an update on the situation. patchari, good evening. >> good evening, gene. the protests may be over but the problems remain in pakistan. supporters of influential cleric qadri were demanding the government resign for rampant corruption. it called for the end of demonstrations on thursday. with elections approaching, pakistan faces more difficult weeks ahead. we have this report from islamabad. >> reporter: qadri declared victory in front of supporters as the four-day protest ended thursday. the muslim cleric said the government agreed to dissolve parliament before march 16th and hold free and fair elections within 90 days. protests in islamabad began monday. tens of thousands were there to denounce official corruption and demand resignation of the government. some say the military was covered with supporting qadri who undermined the government ahead of elections. political power has swung back and forth in pakistan between the two main parties. all
. >>> pakistan and other countries have been targets of drone strikes used in counter-terrorism operations by the u.s. it announced on thursday that the team will look into the legality of drones and their affect on civilians. the office of the u.n. high commissioner for human rights is assigning a group of specialists to review drone attacks. it announced on thursday that the team will look into the legality of drones and their affect on civilians. the united states has used remote controlled, unmanned aircraft to carry out strikes against armed militants in countries including pakistan, afghanistan and yemen. the u.n. special repertoire on human rights and counterterrorism announces that the inquiry will focus on the civilian impact of the use of drones and other forms of targeted killing. it will do a critical examination of civilian casualties with a view to making recommendations to the u.n. general assembly. pakistanis are growing increasingly critical of the attacks. they claim they are a violation of their country's sovereignty and have killed many civilians. a spokesperson for the
by shooting in pakistan left several aide workers dead. >> the attack took place outside the capitol. it is unclear who was responsible it. follows the killing of nine workers in pakistan last month. >> well, some people in russia may be waking up to a new year's hangover today. but those that like their vodka might have to dig a little deeper to afford it. >> that is because moscow imposed a hefty tax on the spirit in a bid to curb the country's high alcoholism rate. >> russia's favorite beverage got a lot more expensive. they will have to swallow a new alcohol tax. russians are trying to laugh it off. >> i used to get to know a man and he would buy me a fine bottle of bubbly, now it barely buys a cheap sparkling wine. it is a real shame. >> the kremlin wants russians to drink less. alcohol ads banned since last summer and the new tax hike is an attempt to quench the country's thirst for hard liquor. many believe it is not dangerous if they only drink a little. but it is. you don't have to be an alcoholic to die from drinking too much. many do not take that seriously. >> in big citi
orders for 848 dreamliners from more than 50 airlines worldwide. >>> political deadlock in pakistan between the government and judiciary shows no sign of easing. patchari raksawong has this update on the situation. >> the pakistani government's anti-corruption chief has rejected an order from the supreme court for the arrest of prime minister raja pervez ashraf. the political climate remains tense as anti-government demonstrations in islamabad entered their fourth day. local media reported that the head of the national accountability bureau, fasih bokhari, declined to arrest the prime minister. bokhari apparently told the supreme court that his investigations are incomplete. the court's demand for the arrest of prime minister rocked pakistan on tuesday. the order relates to charges ashraf took bribes when he was minister for water and power. meanwhile, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters remain camped out near parliament. protest leader and muslim cleric mohammad kadri has labeled the government a bunch of thieves and demanded they resign. >> translator: god heard our pr
. that means there is huge room for catching up. and then, of course, there is pakistan, bangladesh, vietnam, many countries in asia. so i'm quite optimistic about the long term growth prospect of asia as a whole. >> reporter: the asian economy has stayed relatively firm despite a recession in europe and a slowdown in the u.s. but kudo points out that more cooperation is needed in the region to prepare for further headwinds. >> i think countries should create more to try to stabilize interregional relationship. most of the countries have no capital and they trade freely. it has been at the center of the regional cooperation in asia and it needs regional development and will continue to be so or they must strengthen their activities in the area of regional corporation integration. >> a pakistani girl who was shot by islamic militants has been discharged from a british hospital. the hospital said that the 15-year-old left the day before because shes with well enough to stay with her family in britain. doctors say she is due for reconstructive skull surgery in january or february. she was shot
agreed to pull out of the eastern city of goma last month. >> india has accused pakistan of killing two of its soldiers near their disputed border in kashmir. india has described it as a provocative action and said the two soldiers were killed in a firefight with pakistani forces who entered indian territory. on monday, pakistan claimed indian forces had raided one of its checkpoints. >> returning to australia now where firefighters are facing a tough night as they battle to get bushfires under control. the country has seen a week of record heat and high winds. >> this has helped the fires reach what is called catastrophic levels in some areas.% that means that the blazes are unpredictable and extremely fast-moving. residents in some areas have fled before the fires. >> it is a raging inferno that keeps on spreading. temperatures as high as 45 degrees celsius and strong winds have turned many states into tinderboxes. hundreds of bushfires are out of control, threatening to engulf the southeast of the country and the island of tasmania. authorities have closed down national parks, a firs
has been stepping up relations with india's neighbors, including pakistan, sri lanka, bangladesh and myanmar by offering them frastructure projects. india is concerned that china's growing military presence may spread between the strait into the indian ocean, a key oil shipping lane. last year, india successfully test fired a ballistic missile with a range of 5,000 kilometers. it can cover most of asia. india unveiled the missile during a military parade in new delhi the day before it tested the k-5. the country seems to be showing off its weapon development capabilities. china and the pakistan are bolstering their military cooperation by engaging in joint exercises while india is steadily upgrading its military on the back of its economic might. if india succeeds in arming its nuclear submarine with the k-5, it will add up to a powerful option in its military strategy. the country's continuing missile program is likely to stir up the region. nhk world, new delhi. >>> and that wraps up our bulletin, i'm dhra dhirakaosal in bangkok. >> dhra, thanks. >>> australia's east coast has
and they have to fight against such attitudes. they light candles as a sign of resistance. >> pakistan has dismissed the provincial government in balochistan in response to the bombings that claimed the lives of 80 people. >> in the provincial capital of quetta, they have begun burying victims. they had refused to bury the dead to express their anger with the local government. the prime minister agreed to put the province under central federal control. >> the going abroad has always been a distant dream for most cubans, until now. starting monday, a new law promises the island's citizens more freedom of travel. >> it reverses restrictions imposed by the communist government more than five decades ago. travelers will be allowed to leave the country without any special exit visa and they will not need a foreign letter of invitation from their destination. now just a passport is enough, and an entry visa. in a moment, our report on an auction taking place in geneva of -- tunisia. >> first, a look at some other stories making news. >> new clashes have been reported around the syrian capital of
of capital islamabad. pakistan is facing a period of uncertainty ahead of a general election due within months. the court said tuesday it ordered the arrest of the prime minister in relation to allegations of corruption when he was the country's power minister from 2008. he became prime minister last june after his predecessor quit following his conviction for contempt of court. islamabad has been the site of demonstrations attracting tens of thousands of anti-government protesters. they are led by islamic cleric. he says the government is riddled with corruption and should resign. he also wants a disillusion of national assemblies. he says he will continue to lead protests until the government adheres to his demands. the demonstrations are set to have the support of the military, which has been at odds with the government. some experts say the military and the supreme court are colluding to force the collapse of the government. >>> another incident of gang rape in india is adding pressure on the government to improve the protection of women. the body of a woman who was apparently raped
entire families including women and children. >> new demands come as pakistan's chief anti- corruption official refused the supreme court order to a rust -- arrest the prime minister over lack of evidence. m in the u.s. president's gun control proposals face an uncertain future. there's no majority in either house of congress with resistance from both republicans and democrats. gun supporters have also launched an advertising campaign against obama's move. the proposals including a ban on assault weapons in response to last month's school massacre in newtown. >> bush fires continue to rage in australia. dozens of homes have been destroyed, and firefighters are struggling to keep the situation under control. more fires are expected this weekend as even higher temperatures and winds are forecast. >> in indonesia, heavy monsoon rains have triggered severe flooding in much of the capital, paralyzing daily lives. at least four people are reported dead, and thousands have had to evacuate their homes. >> authorities have been setting up emergency shelters, and have faced the flood alert -- ra
at the age of 69 after a heart attack. >> u.s. drone strikes have killed at least 10 people in pakistan in the lawless southern region. reports say a prominent were lowered is among the dead. the militants are set to have ties to the taliban and target international troops. >> they with us here on dw. have more coming your way. well >> combat. it is back to school for students attending sandy hook elementary in connecticut. it is the first day back since the shooter killed 20 students and six adults. that move to a neighboring school and this has sparked a heated national debate on gun control. >> despite a push for lotus addition, sales of firearms are booming. some fear this will cause issues. >> that is an increase over november. >> the school where they are heading is a few kilometers away. they're doing what they can to make life seem normal in the new building while they continue their investigation in the old school. parents are allowed to attend class with their children and they have been monitoring the temporary school building closely. they now say it is the safest in america
." >>> a bomb has exploded near the site of a political rally in karachi, pakistan. at least four people were killed, 40 others were wounded. police say the bomb was planted on a motorcycle parked near a number of buses. the buses were carrying political workers returning from the rally. the bomb went off just as people were leaving the event. the pakistani taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> the celebration of the new year in the ivory coast has ended in tragedy. more than 60 people in the western african country were killed in a stampede, 50 others were hurt. thousands of people gathered at a stadium in abidjan to see a fireworks display. they were leaving when panic struck. >> translator: my two children, they went yesterday. they said they were going to go last night and i told them not to. when i went to bed, they went anyway. we haven't seen them since. >> many of the victims were children. some got lost in the confusion. >> translator: it's a national tragedy, of course, and i really hope that we will push ourselves to investigate to see what could have prevented thi
essential for taking on taliban and al qaeda forces in an accessible regions in afghanistan, pakistan, and yemen. but given the number of innocent civilians killed by unmanned u.s. drones, the german government is under pressure to justify why it needed these weapons to carry out targeted killings. >> that's a good question. more on this with our correspondent at our parliamentary studios. why is germany considering this? >> the government itself and the military in germany say that these weapons are very precise, and they enable the armed forces to attack rapidly and precisely. there is, of course, more to it than that. they are also a lot cheaper than, for example, fighter jets. the army is going through restructuring at the moment. it has budget cuts, and it is also in need of reauthorization. britain, of course, has armed jones. it will use them in afghanistan. italy, which has already reconnaissance drones, is going to upgrade them. there's also some talk of a european combined program. >> this was touched on in the report. our civilian deaths the reason this is so controversial?
of competition from pakistan and china. chinese authorities have tested out a jumbo cargo plane made in china. it runs 47 metres long. it can fly nonstop for 7,800 kilometers. it can carry more than 60 kinds of cargo. state-runneme media says the airplane runs better than the jumbo model currently in use. the report says it's on par with a cargo plane used by the u.s. military, the c-17 globemaster. china is the fourth nation to develop a jumbo cargo plane after the u.s., russia and the ukraine. the russia and ukranian planes used technology inherited from the soviet era. >>> satellite was launched for national security and other purposes. the rocket blasted off from tanagashi space center in southern japan. the satellite went into orbit around the earth at the desired altitude. this marks the 16th straight successful launch of h2a rockets. it is equipped with a radar system. it can take images at night and in bad weather. it can identify objects on earth as small as 1 metre from 700 kilometres in space. the device will also be used in dealing with disasters. the japanese government began lau
, due to treatment at a hospital in the united kingdom where she was transferred from pakistan. malala was discharged earlier this month. she's currently in rehabilitation, supported by her family who are also now in britain. a physician treating malala told a news conference on wednesday that she would soon have another operatatatatat in her left ear when the gunshot broke her eardrum and other tissue in her head. during the operation, malala's head wound will be covered with a metal plate. doctors will install a small electronic device to improve her hearing. >> this is primary to offer physical protection to her brain in the same way as a normal skull was -- would. she remains incredibly cheerful, incredibly determined and -- to continue to speak for her cause. she really is a remarkable young lady. >> the operation is scheduled to take place within the next ten days. the doctor said malala will need to remain in britain for the time being. and that a full recovery is still more than a year away. >>> participants in a u.n. disarmament conference have voiced negative views about japa
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